“Prejak otac”: Tata četiri kćerke koji ne uljepšava stvarnost kakva jest

On ima skoro milion pratilaca koji obožavaju njegove dnevne foto priče pune humora iz kojih je izostavio uljepšavanje i demonstraciju pojma "savršeni roditelj".

Simon Hooper čiji je nadimak na društvenim mrežama Father of Daughters, postao je Instagram senzacija pošto je bez uljepšavanja, uz duhovite fotke pokazao kako izgleda život oca s četiri kćerkice.

On ima skoro milion pratilaca koji obožavaju njegove dnevne foto priče pune humora iz kojih je izostavio uljepšavanje i demonstraciju pojma “savršeni roditelj”.


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As a guy, no one warns you that when you have daughters, you're going to spend a good proportion of your future dealing with hair related issues. Growing up, the most my parents had to deal with was when I dumped an entire bottle of peroxide in my hair, turning it thr colour of the rising sun & burning my scalp like forgotten bacon in the process. But when you combine the facts that we have more hair in our house than a cousin IT convention, and that our girls have follicles with have no grip, you end up living with clogged drains, balls of hair placed around the house, nit epidemics, meals with a side helping of hair, endless brushing & plaiting (usually accompanied by screaming), hair brushes that are more hair than brush, vaccum cleaners that no longer work thanks to being bound with wads of the stuff and so many hair products that I'm now close to being forced to keep my sad little collection of out of date toiletries in a bag that hangs out the window. I'm strongly considering just shaving their heads in their sleep but realise they just end up looking like a bunch of juvenile offenders. #Haireverywhere #shavethekids #challengesofbeingsurroundedbywomen #hairalldaylong #fatherofdaughters #dadlife #instadad #fod

Objavu dijeli Simon, also known as FOD (@father_of_daughters)

Realnost u kojoj je uvijek okružen djevojkama koje voli najviše na svijetu ga je naučila važnu lekciju o očinstvu, feminizmu i jednakosti.


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Did anyone else spend their mornings as a kid completely unsupervised, glued to the slow flicking pages of ceefax / Teletext before actual programmes like dappledown farm, Jason & the wheeled warriors & the racoons came on? If you did, then that meant you were up before 5.30am, usually the only one moving in a house of slumbering people & free from parental control, which felt liberating! Well it seems that Ottie & Delilah have my genes as, while I did my rather convincing impression of a morgue resident, they've took the opportunity engage silent mode (a mode I didn't know they had) & descended into the darkness of downstairs to start the day on their own. I don't know what they did this morning, but I ran down in cold sweat to lots of open drawers, a nappy on the stairs, a dog wee on the floor that resembled lake superior from space & 2 children under a sofa laughing hysterically while eating dry cheerios. I guess they enjoyed their independence but now I'm terrified for tomorrow morning. Fyi if you don't know what ceefax is, then we can no longer be friends as you're too young. #independentgirls #unsupervised #badparenting #twins #fod #fatherofdaughters #dadlife #instadad

Objavu dijeli Simon, also known as FOD (@father_of_daughters)

Simon živi s četiri kćerke i suprugom.

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